Olive E.

English Native
Turkish B2
9 Years Experience

Hello everyone!

I have an international English teaching certificate called TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. I have years of experience teaching Prep/Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary group.



I have been teaching ESL for so many years and have handled big and small groups and one on one tutorial. I have taught all levels and ages, todlers, kids and adults. I have worked at private schools, languages schools and one on one and group tutorial. My
different experience and my students have taught me to be creative and think out of the box. I believe that my students' success is my success.



I use different techniques and style epens on the level, age, capability and goal of my students. I use different, unique and creative materials to attract my students and keep them engaged to my lesson. I always make sure that I have plan A, B, C and sometimes even more just to make sure I have a back plan if one approac doesn't work.






  • Primary school (6-12)

  • Secondary school (12-17)

  • Undergraduates (17-22)

  • Adults (23-40)

  • Adults (40+)

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