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We hire you! 

Our company is looking for interns all over the world to carry out professional internships in 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Germany, Greece and Dubai.

We accept students from different departments.

We only accept students for 3, 6 months until 1 year of duration.

Erasmus students and independent students are welcome.

We offer compensation and accomodation.

Please send your CV in English and motivation letter for internship positions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why internshıp wıth us?

Languages ​​Clan is a company dedicated to the recruitment of students of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Hotel Management, Tourism and other related such as Human Resources Management, Marketing and Communication, Event Planning, Administration, Business Management, Resources and Education, Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Departments.

Due to the high need for interns within the field of hotels and restaurants, Languages ​​Clan has specifically focused on this field, counting on the best international chain hotels in Greece and Spain to offer the best practices for students, where you can note the high quality of them.

We offer you personalized attention, with the best positions available and continuous monitoring

of your internship before, during and after it.

We offer trust and support by signing an internship contract between our company and the student.

In reference to the above, I am pleased to inform you that we would like to offer you an internship opportunity with Languages ​​Clan.


Internship programme is available in the following departments:

·   Hospitality & Tourism Management     ·   Administration

·   Gastronomy and Culinary arts               ·   Business Management                  

·   Event Management                                ·   Marketing

·   Human Resources                                   ·   Resources and Education

·   Comunication                                          ·   Foreign Languages and Translation Departments



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