Valeria H.

Spanish Native
English C2
7 Years Experience

"Hello, my name is Valeria. I have been an English teacher for 7 years. I love working with people from other countries and cultures and I find very rewarding helping others become proficient English speakers! In class, I try to make my students feel comfortable, relaxed, and amused! 



I am an online teacher from Mexico. I currently live in Durango. I have worked as an English language teacher for nearly 7 years. My relevant qualifications include my BA in English Language Teaching, TEFL certificate along with TKT modules 1, 2, and 3. Also of note is my most recent position as an online tutor for TutorABC. In this role, I was responsible for teaching English to students based in China, Japan, and Taiwan. The
students I taught were of all ages and levels. I was responsible for correcting and giving positive feedback to students as well as to handle challenging situations with young learners and clients’ setbacks. My dad and sisters are teachers, we have always enjoyed helping others become proficient or efficient on a task. I have always enjoyed working with people from different countries and cultures, it is indeed very rewarding.


While in college we studied several teaching methodologies and approaches. I have applied several on my classes and I believe a hybrid method it is very convenient. It allows the student to practice several skills in one class as well as to develop intelligences they need to work on. I like to combine student-based, task-based, and PPP methods in my classes. I always try to encourage my students to speak and use the target language every
day or as much as possible. I try to teach at least one grammar structure per class and introduce new vocabularies as well.


  • TEFL

  • ELE


  • Primary school (6-12)

  • Secondary school (12-17)

  • Undergraduates (17-22)

  • Adults (23-40)

  • Adults (40+)



  • A1 – Basic User

  • A2 – Basic User

  • B1 – Independent User

  • B2 – Independent User

  • C1 – Proficient User

  • C2 – Proficient User