Firdows M.

English Native
Afrikaans Native
2 Years Experience

Greetings to everyone!

I am teacher Firdows and I love teaching and communicating with foreign people to each my native language in a professional, effective and funny way!

Student, kids or professional! All welcome to my classes.

First Demo Video



I am an extrovert who has dedicated many years to teaching and I have developed this strong passion to communicate and share all my knowledge on every topic that I know with others. Honestly, I really LOVE food, playing a range of different sports and I also enjoy being a
couch potato who likes to binge watch series on Netflix. Animals really steal my heart, I own a parrot and a dog whom I love and take care of dearly, and I really am a family person. I think family is definitely something that motivates you and yoh should always spread your joy and
happiness with them, especially parents. In conclusion, you can always see a smile on my face and happiness in my heart!



I have developed a unique teaching style that changes according to each student and their needs. I like to implement total physical response in all my lessons so it is much easier for the student to understand and it leaves them feeling confident. Better yet, the method I like to use while teaching is a complete benefit for students, not only can they learn English, but they can also improve their communication when speaking to foreigners. I always
like to reassure students that it’s 100% fine to make mistakes, because if you don’t make mistakes then you are not learning. So whether you would like to improve your reading, listening, speaking skills, or even if you just want to talk after a long and tiring day, my class is the one for you!


  • TEFL




  • Primary school (6-12)

  • Secondary school (12-17)

  • Undergraduates (17-22)

  • Adults (23-40)

  • Adults (40+)


  • A1 – Basic User

  • A2 – Basic User

  • B1 – Independent User

  • B2 – Independent User

  • C1 – Proficient User

  • C2 – Proficient User