Hello everybody! I have been working for years abroad ,in Ireland, Norway, France and Turkey at the moment. I have been working as a language tutor for more than eight years. I can speak: English, Spanish, French and Italian fluently. And now learning Turkish. :). I am an English teacher in bilingual preschools. I am doing this in Istanbul as an English teacher ,plus giving private lessons to adults and children of all ages. I am interested in bilingualism in
children , having worked in bi/ trilingual schools. I am very relaxed and calm; if you need any help or have any question you may freely ask me. I
like learning new languages and I am aware it is not always so easy; but I think it should be taken as a "game", and something positive and light. Otherwise it gets more and more difficult :). I am interested in languages, early education, travels, philosophy, old literature and folklore.
All that concerns nature, alternative medicine, natural remedies, self-help, meditation and evolution of human beings.


My lessons will be based on a main book (downloadable) and other materials I will send by time. Also I will send weekly homework and/ or if you may be
interested in Italian movies I may give some advice. I prefer teaching beginners / intermediates. As for children, the lessons will be shorter in time
and based on conversation and small games or activities. I am not an "entertainment- making" type of person; I am introverted by nature, but I can make an enjoyable lesson for kids; making it flow and make them talk . I am calm and I think that's why mainly children get on well with me. :) Be it for your
or for your child, I will be waiting to meet you !


  • TEFL

  • FLE

  • Montesori


  • Primary school (6-12)

  • Secondary school (12-17)

  • Undergraduates (17-22)

  • Adults (23-40)

  • Adults (40+)


  • A1: Breakthrough or beginner

  • A2: Way stage or elementary

  • B1: Threshold or intermediate

  • B2: Vantage or upper intermediate

  • C1: Effective Operational Proficiency 

  • C2: Mastery or proficiency


Chiara R.

Italian Native
English&French C2
7 Years Experience

Hello everyone!

I have an international English teaching certificate called TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. I have years of experience teaching Prep/Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary groups.